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The dodecagon experience is an installation that visually explores the idea that video becomes even more pleasing when presented in ratios.  

"Pythagoras; c. 570 – c. 495 BC, the Father of modern music, took the whole length of a string, bridged it at the midpoint, plucked that half and arrived at the Octave or 1:2. He examined all the other Ratios of 2:3 and 3:4 and charted the table of Chords and Harmonics. "All Is Number" is his most famous quote, which means all is frequency, vibration, and though we only see the visible and hear the audible, there are many other dimensions in the invisible and inaudible spectrums. That is why the ancients scholars believed that size is profane or that it does not matter, but only proportion or ratio or scale is sacred, (“Logos” originally meant “Proportion”, in ancient Greek, not “Word” in reference to the biblical quote “In the Beginning was The Word”) and the ultimate Scale Expansion is the Phi Ratio. eg: if you divide an octave by a Perfect Fifth, (13/20), you get the golden ratio. This Perfect Fifth fits in approximately with the Fibonacci Sequence as a 3:2 ratio...."  Jain 108.

The Dodecagon Experience is a visual installation inspired by the work of Pythagoras.  The dodecagon is the shape he used to find those midpoints and the ratios. The installation is a 40'x40'x12' dodecagon with a screen in every other opening.   Video is presented in ratios, and in this installation it is presented as 6, 4:3 ratio screens. The screens are illuminated from the rear with 6 4200 lumen projectors, that combine to form a 360 degree area with a ratio of 24:3, and a pixel are of 6144x768. The system runs from a single media server.  It requires an area of about 100'x100' to setup and 2 20amp circuits for Video and 2 20 amp circuits for sound.

About the Artist: Moabyte

I've been fascinated with music and electronic culture since the early 80's.  My first manifestation was BONG magazine, which from 1987 to 1994 was the only official US Depeche Mode Fan Club, located in Denver, Colorado.  I also published the official global fan club magazine from 1990 to 1994.  I toured with the band on 3 US tours and helped organize several fan club conventions in LA, New York, London, Birmingham and Prague.  In 1994 I moved to Moab, Utah where I learned to digitally produce music and work with with digital video.   I began using the moniker Moabyte in 1996 when I registered the domain name,  Moabyte is a combination of my love of the beauty in Moab, Utah and the passion of using computers (byte) to explore artistic ideas.  As an artist it is this space between the two that I love to submerge myself. While living in Moab I produced 2 weekly radio shows and created a collective of artists under the name AAA Posse ( 1999 to 2009).  I first became fascinated with video projections while touring with Depeche Mode and my early rave experiences in the early 90’s. In the 90's I always asked to play with the video equipment brought by the production company, but most often they didn’t really know how it worked so they let me figure it out and figure it out I did.  When I left Moab in early 2002 I relocated to Arizona where I continue to work as a visual artist. From 2003 to 2009 I was very active as a graphic designer, VJ and DJ, but from 2009 to now I have focused on installations the explore the relationships and ratios with the natural environment and people.   My current manifistation is the Dodecagon 360 Experience, which is pushing the boundries of tangible living art, AR and VR. Thank you for visiting my sites. Below are links to my projects, media collections and social media. Lets connect! Blessings.  

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The Dodecagon is open on most weekends from October to May, sunset to 11pm. Its a public art installation and all are welcome.

110 S Pasadena, Mesa AZ 85210


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